Practice Rooms

Under Juilliard's practice room system, you are able to see what practice rooms are available (in real time) and you have the convenience of signing in to a room via conveniently located kiosks. Our system will eliminate the need to wander the halls in search of an empty room and it will allow you to practice without a time constraint. This is a real-time sign-in system, meaning once you reserve a room from a kiosk you will have 5 minutes to get to the designated room. While you can only sign-in from a kiosk, you can see room availability at any given time by logging in to

PLEASE NOTE: Evening Division students are unable to access the practice room reservation system via the internet ( and must use kiosks in the building.

Guidelines in a Nutshell

How to Reserve a Room How to Enter a Room 3 Ways to Sign Out Breaks
Swipe your Juilliard ID card at the kiosk and follow on-screen instructions Swipe your Juilliard ID card at the door lock

Enter room and close door
Swipe your Juilliard ID card 2 times outside of door lock

Listen for 2 beeps ♫
You can leave the room for up to 15 minutes
Enter your phone # when prompted to receive alerts and updates about the status of your room

Press the Occupancy Button  AFTER you close the door to confirm that you have entered the room

Or swipe your Juilliard ID card at a kiosk and click “Release” Take your ID with you to re-enter room
You will have 5 minutes to enter your room REQUIRED: Display your Juilliard ID card in the practice room window Or access from any internet enabled device and follow the instructions After 15 minutes the room will be released back to the reservation system

Available Times

The scheduled times in which students from different programs (College, Pre-College, etc.) have access to the practice rooms have not changed. If you attempt to sign into a room and the system says there is no availability, it is either because students in your program do not have authorization to use a room at that time or because all rooms are currently being occupied. For more information, refer to the Studio and Practice Room Policy in the Student Handbook or see your program’s director.

Practice Room Policy

By signing into a practice room, you are taking responsibility for the room during the reservation time. Please familiarize yourself with the Studio and Practice Room Policy in the Student Handbook.