Student Leadership Recommendation Form

You have been requested to submit a recommendation form for a student who is applying for one or more student leadership positions at Juilliard.

For information about the positions, please visit Apply to Be a Student Leader page. Questions regarding the recommendation form may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, or 212-799-5000, x200.

The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) allows students to review their individual records. The law also permits the student to sign a waiver relinquishing his/her right to inspect letters of recommendation. If you wish to have a student to relinquish their right to inspect your letter of recommendation, please have them email us with this information at:

ExcellentAbove AverageAverageBelow AveragePoorNot observed
Approachability & Demeanor *
Ability to handle stress appropriately *
Dependability & Responsibility *
Level of Respect from Peers *
Demonstrated Commitment to Diversity *
Leadership Qualities *
Ability to Work Independently *
Ability to Take Initiative & Follow Through *
Ability to Follow Direction/instruction & Process Information (or use critical thinking skills) *
Time Management Skills *
Excellent: superior knowledge or expertise; Above Average: strong knowledge or expertise; Average: seems to have some knowledge or expertise; Below Average: limited knowledge or expertise; Poor: no knowledge or expertise
This student is applying for a position of responsibility over groups of students. Taking this into consideration, what overall recommendation would you give this candidate?