International Student Arrival Information Form

Please complete the form below so that we can best prepare for your arrival!

Once you have completed the International Student Arrival Form, please return to your application status page and upload proof of your travel plans such as plane, train or bus ticket.   If you are driving to New York City and do not have a travel itinerary, please leave this checklist item unchecked.

For students living on campus, you can check in on Friday, August 23 from 10am–5pm on the 11th Floor of the Meredith Willson Residence Hall in the Rose Building. For students living off campus, you can check in on Saturday, August 24 directly after International Student Orientation concludes, however, students living off-campus are welcome to complete check-in in the Residence Hall on the 24thif they prefer.  Be sure to bring all your immigration documents to orientation to complete the mandatory check-in.

International Student Orientation will take place the morning and afternoon of Saturday, August 24 in the Kaufman Dance Studio of the Juilliard building.  The exact start and end time will be communicated to you via email.  International students must do their check-in with us, attend International Student Orientation, and attend New Student Orientation, which will take place from August 24-September 3.  The fall semester begins on September 4.   

Should you have any questions about International Student Orientation, please check out our website ( or email us ( 

Select "No" if you are currently 1) outside the US OR 2) in the US on a B-1/B-2 tourist visa or used the visa waiver program (ESTA) to enter the US and will leave the US to change to F-1 status before arriving at Juilliard,
If you do not know the exact time, you can provide an approximate time.