Incident Reporting Form

Used for non-security related incidents such as Juilliard policy violations and health-related issues. This form will be viewed by appropriate Juilliard staff. 

Incident Reporting at The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School encourages employees and students to immediately report any incidents on campus that may constitute a crime, code of conduct violation, physical injury or an emergency - including threats, harassment or violence, so they may be dealt with in a timely and consistent manner.

If you are experiencing an EMERGENCY, dial 911 immediately! Instruct another bystander to alert Juilliard Security (if in the School building) or Lincoln Center Security (if in the Samuel B. and David Rose Building).

Please be assured that:

  • All incident reports are private and will only be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis.

  • Incident reports that indicate a violation of the Title IX policy will be routed to the Title IX Coordinator at Juilliard and may require additional reporting.

The advantages of filing an Incident Report (IR) are:

  • Prompt action will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of Juilliard Community members.

  • Incidents that are inappropriate or unusual can be identified.

  • Incidents will be tracked to see if they are recurring.

  • A determination can be made as to whether the situation warrants immediate action.

  • Immediate threats can receive immediate action.

  • Incidents reportable under The Clery Act and the Daily Crime Log are recorded and achievable in accordance with Federal Regulation.

Your support of this process is essential. Together we can help ensure a safe, supportive learning environment.

Please fill out the following form to provide information about an incident.

Submitter Information
Incident Information
Include phone number & if they are a student, faculty, staff, or other.
What happened, when, where, and how the above listed people were involved.
(e.g. floor not level, water on floor, equipment in the way).
Action Taken
What was done to address the situation?
Type full name and today's date.