2020-21 Academic Year Plan | Preparatory Division

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Summer Term – Online for credit and non-credit offerings – 6 weeks
July 6 – August 6
  • Optional and provided free of charge
  • Open to current, incoming, and recently graduated students
  • Academic classes graded Pass/No Pass
  • No building access for students, limited access for staff and faculty by advanced appointment 


Fall Term – Block 1 – Online, building available as resource – 7 weeks 
Sept 12 – October 24  
  • First half of 14-week courses, possible 7-week courses (online)
  • Music lessons begin: either online or in-person if possible 
  • Limited access for staff and faculty as needed 
  • No public or guest access to building 


Fall Term – Block 2 – Hybrid online and in-person, beginning of performance work – 7 weeks 
October 31 – December 19
  • Second half of 14-week courses, possible 7-week courses (online)
  • In-person small group work allowed (pending health guidelines) 
  • Phased in small group classes and rehearsals 
  • Small ensemble performances and preparation for Block 3 ensemble performances 
  • Continued phasing in of building access for faculty/staff 
  • No public or guest access (except guest artists) to building
  • No classes on November 28


Fall Term – Block 3 – Largely in-person, focus on major study and performance work – 7 weeks 
January 9 – February 20 – may change
  • Performances - festival-style schedule 
  • Focus on major study and performance work, limited academic courses 
  • Building access, with appropriate social distancing guidelines 
  • Limited public access for performances, if allowed – live streaming and recording projects 


Spring Term – Assume standard in-person term – 15 weeks
March 6 – June 19 – may change 
  • In-person 
  • Standard mix of academic and performance work 
  • Commencement date TBD 


Basic Information for Our Community

  • Lessons during Blocks 1 and 2 can take place in person in the Juilliard building or online as agreed between student and teacher and subject to health guidelines

  • All classroom activities—music theory, ear training courses, and electives—will take place during Blocks 1 and 2; Block 3 will be more performance-focused.

  • Some curricular offerings that are usually full-year courses may be offered only in the fall or only in the spring. We are also exploring additional electives for Blocks 1 and 2.

  • For the fall semester, large instrumental ensembles may be reconfigured into smaller ensembles.

  • CLIMB (MAP’s program for siblings of MAP students) is tentatively scheduled to commence in Block 2.

This information is subject to change if required by public health guidance as the situation continues to evolve.